We stamp. press. mill. conceive. construct. galvanize. erode. weld. deburr. print 3D.

Constructive, also in cooperation.

We attach great importance to good and constructive cooperation with our customers, employees and suppliers. This philosophy supports us in our efforts to always be able to produce with a high quality standard, to live up to ethical principles and to be able to respond flexibly to the respective customer needs.

Open to new ideas.

We are open to innovations and new manufacturing processes that help to increase our efficiency and competitiveness and, in parallel, protect the environment and the health of those involved in the processes.



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Tube presser

The practical, handy and inexpensive promotional gift with your personal imprint. Whether for anniversaries, promotions or as a thank you

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Who we are and how you can reach us. In accordance with legal requirements, we are providing you here with

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